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Our goal at First Earth is to offer comprehensive landscaping services. We offer design, installation, and maintenance services. If you have a job that is not included here, please contact us for an estimate. We are here to serve you.


We will visit your house to determine your needs and to evaluate potential garden spaces. Each consultation will include a client interview and assessment of all potential garden sites.

We meet with clients to understand their goals for the aesthetics of their landscapes and in cases of edible gardens to determine the client’s dietary needs.

We assess each garden site to determine light, water, and soil conditions and we also take measurements for design purposes. For in ground edible gardens we may also collect samples for soil testing (additional fee required). While not necessary, soil testing will improve our ability to prepare your soil and improve the health and production of your garden.

Landscape Design

We regularly design our own landscapes and have worked with all plant types from edible to drought tolerant. Our landscapes are designed to thrive in your unique light, soil, and water conditions. We work closely with our clients when designing their landscapes to develop a landscape that is customized to their goals.

Edible Landscapes

Design ($225)

For you crazy do it yourselfers we’ll evaluate your sites and provide a plan for success. Each design will include a shopping list of materials needed for the job, including: soil, compost, fertilizer, plants, seeds, and hardscaping needs. We will also provide instructions for building your garden and a detailed plan including when and where to plant each crop and basic care for your garden.

Raised Bed Gardens (price varies)

Productive and attractive, raised bed gardens are probably the easiest, most efficient way to grow vegetables. The ability to start out with the most fertile soil sets the stage for a lush and bountiful garden. We design, install, and plant the garden to meet your specific needs. The price of each garden varies depending on its size, irrigation needs, and your choice of hardscaping materials (please contact us for more pricing information).

In Ground Gardens and Landscaping (price varies)

Why limit yourself to a raised bed garden when your entire landscape can provide you with beauty and nourishment? We will evaluate, test, and amend your soil to improve the production of your gardens. We will design, plant, and sustain your gardens and landscape to provide a bounty for your table and beauty for your eyes.


We install irrigation systems customized to the specific needs of the landscape that we are installing. In some cases existing systems can be retrofitted to meet the needs of a new landscape. Otherwise was can install new irrigation systems. If you need irrigation help, but do not want a new landscape we are happy to help you too!

Garden Maintenance ($40 per hour)

We provide regular garden maintenance. We will create individual maintenance plans based off the needs of your landscape. We typically charge by the hour with additional fees for seasonally need materials such as new plants, pruning, compost, fertilizer, and pest treatments. We use organic techniques for all of our maintenance work.


Edible Gardens

For customers with edible gardens hiring us for maintenance work means your garden can be planted, weeded, and harvested for you on a regular basis for a year-round harvest. Or for an additional fee you can arrange to work along with us and learn the skills necessary to grow your own food.

Compost (price varies)

Complete the cycle. Imagine for a moment that your soil is a bank account. Every time you fertilize you are depositing money into your account. Ever time a plant grows and is harvested you are withdrawing money. Now imagine for a moment that you could create your own fertilizer. Well, then that’d be like creating money! Seriously though, we can’t teach you how to grow money, but we can build a composting system for you that is customized for your yard and that will allow you to turn your garden and table scraps into the best plant food in the world – compost!

Living Walls

We design and build living walls. Typically we work with succulents, but we have also made herb walls and can work with tropical and native plants as well. The cost of living walls varies greatly depending on their size, plant selection, and irrigation needs to name a few variables.