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About Us


The name First Earth comes from our belief that if you feed the earth the earth will feed you. We use only the best organic methods to nourish a healthy ecosystem in your gardens. This ecosystem feeds your plants creating healthy, delicious produce for your belly and beautiful landscapes for your eyes. We put the earth first so that you can enjoy the healthiest food and landscaping.

Owner and manager Joe Chadwick started his growing career at Red Fire Farm in Granby, MA where he learned the vision, detail, and planning involved in serving the 1,500 members of the regions largest organic farm. From there Joe’s passion for growing great produce lead him to an apprenticeship at the Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland, MA. Owned and operated by two chefs and with a reputation for growing the highest quality produce, the Kitchen Garden Farm has been at the forefront of the farm to table movement in Massachusetts. While there Joe was spoiled with delicious seasonal cooking and, more importantly, was trained to select the best varieties and to create the conditions necessary for them to flourish. Joe left the Kitchen Garden Farm to become the produce manager at Overlook Farm in Brookfield, MA. During his tenure at Overlook Farm, Joe helped steer the farm from conventional to organic farming practices, encouraged the planting of heirloom crops, and established relationships with some of the areas premiere restaurants.

Joe relocated to Los Angeles in 2013 where he remains passionate about connecting people to their food, plants, and to the land that produces them. He is also excited and inspired by our amazing climate that provides the opportunity to grow such an incredible variety of plant life. Growing beyond edible gardens, Joe has installed traditional landscapes and drought tolerant landscapes. He has also provided indoor plant services. More recently Joe has begun creating living walls, drawing inspiration from the ridiculous diversity of succulents available to us in southern California. Joe has his master’s degree in Organismal & Evolutionary Biology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.